Late For Work Story’s #1

I was late for work because…

So this happened couple months ago when i first got interviewed at home depot for a job there.. i was supposed to be there at 3pm for my interview so i leave at 2:10 to give myself time for traffic. As im driving on rt.46 my moms car is feeling a bit sluggish so i give it more gas… then my CEL came on and the car just didnt go anymore.. it slowed down to like 50mph and just died on me… and by this time its like 2:50pm stranded on the highway with a broken car. I call my dad to see where hes at to see if he can get me home depot since he works around the area.. but he wasn’t at work, he was home. He then drives his car to where im at and we switch cars. I end up getting to my interview almost at 4pm. Great first impression. So i get hired and first day on the job. I get up at 3:45am to get ready and be at work by 5am. i leave my house at 4:30am i start speeding a bit since im a little bit late. i was going pretty fast on rt.3 when suddenly a cop pulls out of a driveway.. at this point im like “crap im getting pulled over” so i let go of the gas and downshift to slow down since pressing the brakes would be too obvious. as i slowdown i pull into a gas station and act as if im getting gas and he pulls up right behind me. i ask the clerk for 10 dollars gas cash (note: i have a half tank) i get gas and then i hear “License and registration please” i act as if i didnt see him and say “excuse me?” he says you know how fast you were going? i said “like 60?” i was def doing like 95… i give him my info he goes to his car. he comes back few mins later and says “slow down” and lets me go with no ticket. by the time i left the gas station it was like 4:50am… now i had to somehow get to work in 10 mins… wasnt happening so i called in late.

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