Late For Work party @ LITM ~ Results

Ok for all those who went to the party knows it was a BLAST. For those who didn’t know now you do!!!! Maybe next time you can join the fun.[pullthis] Many people said …. because of this party I will be Late For Work!!!!![/pullthis]


We sold many buttons and shirts. Thank you to all who supported!!

This was our cothing line launch party which featured our new shirt that you can view below.

late-for-work-party-litm-august-12-2011-3Buy shirt here

We had 2 winners this night!!!!

late-for-work-party-litm-august-12-2011-12late-for-work-party-litm-august-12-2011-16 [pullshow]

Maybe next event you can win.

Take a look at some of the photos taken that night.

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