LFW Rap – William J. Castillo

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im late for work and thats how i roll u can do it this way or get hit with a low blow haha its ok im not out of contorl thats just my flow yeah fo show so let me let you know how this go you buy a shrt that reps something not just anything i really do mean something and that is our way of liveing our life and its not just black and white its many different color wear we have fun and respecting one enther liveing life the way we wanna live it we do what we wanna do but make no mastake we dont act like a fool we still go to school and we do what we got to do we not dum to go to jall caz den life will be hell thats just being carzy in the head i wanna sleep in my bed other then a jall bed but thats just me just let this be in ur mind and let it sink we live how we live but we DO think so thats the end of this rhym on to anther line…. im back and late for work is whare its at and thats whare im at…. HAY boss i be right back!


lol i hope you like this i have not rap in a long time so sorry if you dont understan any of it lol //_^

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