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New Background Image

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Let us know what you think about our new background image for our website?

Any opinions let us know. Did you notice the background image is of a number of different Late For Work members.

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Late For Work Story ~ Sheilala Gonzalez

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Great story from Sheilala Gonzalez on facebook.

The below text is the same as the picture above.

Sheilala Gonzalez : i love it the food there is so good! no lie after you eat its like nap time lols but well i was running late to work one day so my boss came up to me and i think it was my second day late and he was so serious like this is the second time you are late blah blah blah im going to have to get you a t shirt from facebook that i seen that says late for work

Sheilala Gonzalez : so im like hey omg i know the guy who makes them shirts! and im laughing and i guess he was trying to make me look bad or something but i made him feel like shit lols

Anthony Reyes: lol haha

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2 New Shirts

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Take a look at our 2 New shirts that will be available as of July 7th, 2012, You can pre-order yours now!


This shirt says it all need I explain any more?


Do not even go there! He needs a job like everyone else. The gun what? It’s a water gun! So stop it!

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