Q: What does Late For Work stand for?

A: We do not recommend being late for work!!! LFW clothing line is for people who live their life outside of their 9-5.


Q: How can I get free product(s)?

A: They are more than one way to get a Late For Work product for free. Depending on the time there may be a contest. You can also become part of the “Lake For Work Team”.


Q: How do I become a “Late For Work Team member”?

A: You can send an email to info@lateforworkllc.com and let us know what you have to offer. You can be an Artist, Dancer, Rapper, Comedian, promote etc…

Q: How do I submit an idea?

A: To submit ideas for example for our website website or youtube account email it to info@lateforworkllc.com with the subject “My LFW Idea!”


Q: How do I submit a shirt design?

A: To submit a shirt design it must be in either Abobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator. It must be no bigger than 10 inches x 13 inches with 300 dpi.